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Out Now (20 June 2019)
Probably the hardest game you will ever play.

Short Description
Probably the hardest game you will ever play. A pitch black platformer where the only way to see the world is to die splattering blood everywhere around. Packed with mind-bendingly hard levels, mazes, and numerous traps that you will never see coming!

Long Description
Super Pig X is a platformer about a pig stuck in total darkness. The only way to see the level is to die and let blood cover the play field. Avoid spikes and dangers and maneuver your way through the levels to get to the other pig before you lose all your lives to win! Easier said than done! This game will make you swear, sweat, and want to flip your desk. Not seeing the level is not the only setback as the game is packed with traps, mazes and puzzles that you will never see coming. Make your way through dark levels so hard, that sometimes they even make you exploit in-game glitches.

Super Pig
Super Pig X is a sequel to a 2012 flash game called Super Pig. Suepr Pig X features 51 brand new levels, improved controles, mroe features, better difficulty curve, ability to create own levels and generally has been remade ground up as comapred to the original.

Classical pixel-perfect platforming with no frame skips
Over 50 mind-bendingly hard levels
Vegan mode!
Secrets and bonus levels!
Cheat codes!
You can create and load your own levels!
Funky music to keep your frustration in check
Dark Bacon!

About Sos
Mad scientist of video games. Creator of Thelemite, McPixel and many other games you have never heard about. Lover of retro hardware, still creating games for old computers (Flappy Bird 64, P). Organiser of 0h Game Jam. co-organiser of 7DFPS. Co-creator of Doom Piano. Formerly a school teacher. Currently on a quest to create the worst video game ever. Hopelessly addicted to game jams.

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